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Apheideo Associates Team

The team bring to organisations experience and expertise as practitioners and counselling trainers, with a professionalism of both national and international reputation. They also bring a network of professional relationships and professional associations that tap into the latest practice, policy, and research developments in the counselling arena. The members of the Associates team are regarded by their peers as leading experts in employee counselling. The range of expertise captured in our team allows us to provide employee counselling services, coaching, mentoring, leadership training, stress management training and mediation services. The Associates are committed to the highest standards in employee counselling practice, training, and research. They have been regarded by leading public and private sector organisations nationally as providing “best practice” in the specialist field of employee counselling – thus their strap line “experience and expertise”.

Dr Selwyn Black is regarded as one of the leading experts in workplace counselling in the United Kingdom. Dr Black draws upon some 35 years workplace counselling experience. He is qualified to the highest standards in counselling in terms of qualifications, holding a doctorate that explores professional practice in clinicians in both counselling and medical practices. Dr Black has been founder, Principal and Director of Apheideo Associates since 2003.


Mr Oliver Boylan


Mrs Mary Woods


Ms Helen Morrison


Mr Clarke Frampton

Mr Oliver Boylan has for many years been regarded as one of the leading counselling trainers in Northern Ireland. Alongside his 41 years counselling practice in both the student and workplace environments, his peers regard Mr Boylan as an exceptionally skilled practitioner and counselling trainer. As well as being a skilled mediator Mr Boylan is particularly recognised for developing policies and procedures for safe practice.  

As one of the most respected businesswomen in the UK and Ireland, Mrs Mary Woodsunderstands the needs of employees very well and can bring years of understanding, skills and experience to her counselling role.  Mrs Woods is particularly expert at mentoring managers in their leadership roles and as a qualified mediator she is able to apply her many skills to resolving conflict among teams and individuals.

As a Senior Lecturer in Counselling Ms Helen Morrison not only delivered counselling courses at all levels through to Higher education, she has delivered employee counselling, critical incident debriefing, stress management and communication skills courses to many organisations in the public sector.

Mr Clarke Frampton has worked as Director of Human Resources as well as carrying out a managerial function in a variety of voluntary organisations. These roles involved helping people cope with a variety of work-related and personal issues.  In addition, he has wide experience of managerial mentoring and is a skilled mediator.

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